Reducing Bounce Rate On Your Blog Part 2

So today we are gonna share another part of reducing the bounce rate on your website as we have told you in our previous post that how to reduce the bounce rate of blog via some alternations and today it is been decided that we should make you make you aware from other factors that can help you to minimize your bounce rate very effectively.The methods which BE gonna share with you guys in this article is completely workable and surely gonna help you to retard the bounce rate.The below tricks may be seems simple to you but work efficiently.
                            We hope that by the help of our this recovery of bounce rate series gonna help you a lot and definitely you gonna over come from this issue.

Reducing The Bounce Rate

Quality Content

The most important thing by which your bounce rate goes to the peak and that is writing a poor content.If you really want to reduce your bounce rate than simply start writing the quality content as we always say to our beloved readers that "Quality is Better Than Quantity" so be on that and start writing quality content.

Reduce The Number Of Ads On Your Site

Do not make your site a ad shop where you visitors only see ads and ads.Many of the visitors visit your site and by seeing too many ads they might get confused and leave your site anyway.And that will increase that rate.So to overcome this reduce the number of advertisement on your singly page.Just place few advertisements on single page.

Website Speed

Another most important thing that can directly effect your site and that is the speed of your site.If your site is slow than it is very much obvious that your visitors gonna go from your site and definitely the bounce rate of your website is gonna go on the peaks.So try to speed up your site and to learn about speed up your site go through the below guide.To measure the speed of your site you can use the two most famous site
  1. Google Page Insight 
  2. GT Metrix

Use Widgets And Polls

In order to reduce the bounce rate you have to make your users to stick on your site and for that you should the question polls on your site and also some interesting widgets that can make your site look good in appearance and your users will  love.Some widget that we suggest you to use on your site as we are having them on our site are given below
  • Popular Posts
  • Recent Posts
  • Social Networking Widgets
  • Categories
  • About Us

Website Design

Another thing that relate to the above trick and that is the site design.You should use the eye catching design for your site and that will make your users to stick on your site.Always use SEO friendly templates that should easily navigable and light in coding that will help you to reduce the bounce rate and can help you to speed up your site as well.  
Top 10 SEO Friendly Blogger Templates 

Add Some Links Open In New Window

You should add some links in your posts that should open in new window in order to reduce the bounce rate.Or i should say that you should link your old content with new one.That will increase the page views of your site and decrease the bounce rate.
                                  If you want to add open the link in new window by using the HTML section you only have to add target=”_blank”  to the link if you'll not add target=”_blank”  than it will open in same window.To make it more clear see the below example:
To Open In New Window use the below way

<a href=” target=”_blank”>Your Text</a>

To Open In Same Window Use The Below Way

<a href=””>Your Text</a>  


That was all we have related to the bounce rate section and we are sure that by applying are both tutorials of bounce rate you gonna minimize this rate almost to the ground.If you are liking my work than do share and like.If you have any question than do ask in comments i will respond you as soon as possible.

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